Circuit Bent – Nintendo Famicom (NES)

Feb. 18, 2013

Star Soldier
Basic circuit bending of PPU and SRAM chips.

Famicom Shop in Akihabara

It’s first visit to Akihabara in 10 years and I found a pile of Nintendo’s Famicom at a shop. Although counterfeits so called compatible machine was also sold for lower price, I couldn’t help but get possession of this form so I bought the Nintendo’s authentic Famicom.
Famicom Body
It’s heard that this red and white color was selected due to the lowest cost as its plastics materials. After enjoying playing the classic title of “Guevara”, I got the lift of Famicom’s body sooner.
Famicom Circuit - PPU
While I don’t have knowledge about electronic circuit technology, when I tinkered with the parts of memory, PPU and SRAM, by driver, the screen got into glitch without any effort.

DrMario Collapse_2
 DrMario Collapse_6
 DrMario Collapse_5
 DrMario Collapse_4
 DrMario Collapse_3
 DrMario Collapse_1

I continued to rub the circuit with aluminum foil all over without reserve, then it got out of order easily.

By the way, the title music of Dr. Mario is fantastic. The composer is Hirokazu Tanaka, former employee of Nintendo, and he was playing Raggae at the time of 80’s Japan. Well, this music is up beat, certainly.