Circuit Bent – SEGA Mega Drive (Genesis)

Jun. 21, 2013

Ciruit Bent - SEGA Mega Drive - SEGA

Ciruit Bent - SEGA Mega Drive - Phelios

SEGA’s Mega Drive.



The only part which I can get stables glitch effects is Video Display Processor, called as VDP. Even the slightest touch to any other IC chips causes system clash immediately. This means a game get to be just freeze and anything interesting was not happened on display. Megadrive has too much strong protection against an error as compared to Nintendo’s Famicom (NES). This defense buildup made me realized progress of technology.
But, this progress doesn’t mean a robustness which allow the system to keep without freeze even when error occurs, but a sensitivity which get the system to be freeze immediately when error occurs.